Yellow Ribbons United (YRU) is focused on bridging the gap between military service and civilian life by encouraging Americans to express their appreciation for military families through civic and social action. As a nonprofit, YRU creates awareness around the challenges that families of active duty and military veterans face. Through the Kid2Kid campaign, YRU strives to engage more civilians to appreciate the sacrifices and challenges that our military families experience. YRU empowers Americans to actively express their appreciation through civic and social action.

A letter from our founders:


Thank you for your interest in Yellow Ribbons United. We are so honored to have you join us in support of the men and women who proudly protect Americans and the American way of life around the world.

As many of you know, we have been blessed to have my husband, Derrick Dockery, play in the NFL for 10 years (trust me it has been hard work – on both our parts!). While Derrick’s football career has provided us with countless opportunities, our work in the community plays a very personal and powerful role in our lives. We started Yellow Ribbons United to connect the loyal and passionate professional sports fans in a meaningful way to support military families like mine, and thousands of others who continue to sacrifice to preserve our freedom.

I come from a military family; my father served our nation proudly for thirty years retiring as a Colonel from the United States Army. My father was and continues to be my biggest mentor, advisor and hero. However, his decorated career came at a price. Although I was proud of the work and service that my father performed, I can still feel the fear and the uncertainty that came with life in the Armed Forces. Though it was my father who made the official oath to our country, it was ultimately the entire family’s sacrifice.


As my father once told me, “in the military we don’t make friends we make family.” To those who have served and continue to serve our great nation you are part of our family – and to those of you who support military families and veterans, we salute you.

Please join Derrick and me in supporting our nation as we continue to Unite in Freedom.

Thank you and God Bless America,
- Derrick and Emma Dockery